• The Rza Of The Legendary Wu Tang Clan Gets All Romantic

    Tuesday, January 17th 2012

    Ok….So we’re a little early for the Rza’s anniversary wedding post – but then again, since when do we need a rhyme or reason to share and celebrating beautiful wedding photos?

    I’m a New Yorker and I love hip hop. I’m not talking about the laffy taffy, stanky leg mess that the “youngsters” refer to as hip hop – I’m talking REAL HIP HOP. The Wu and all 12,579 affiliates will always remain at the top of my list as some of the greatest hip hop artists of all time. (I love that dirty, gutter, hardcore rap. LOL!) So YOU KNOW what happened when I found these radiant images of Robert aka “THE RZA” and his beautiful Chocolate Bride, Talani. My heart literally skipped a beat. Who know that one of my favorite rappers; one with such a rough, raw and rugged exterior could actually exude such heartfelt emotion through photographs. The mouth dropping decor was planned by awesome, Rebecca Gigandet of Imagine Weddings & Events in Santa Barbara. Their ceremony & reception took place on the grounds of The Four Seasons Biltmore. Talani and Robert’s son was the ring bearer and couldn’t have been more proud and adorable. What an absolute honor to be able to feature this talented musician’s commitment to his wife, Talani.

    As Prince (The RZA) Rakeem and his beautiful bride approach their 2nd wedding anniversary, we here at Chocolate Brides are preparing to celebrate right along with you.

    credit: EnLuce Photography

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    Kesha Monk - The Head Chocolate Bride In Charge. I love LOVE. When I'm not voicing radio and tv commercials, I'm blogging! I'm a wife, a mother, a child of God, a music enthusiast, a stage 4 cancer survivor and a distinguished member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.

    7 Responses to “The Rza Of The Legendary Wu Tang Clan Gets All Romantic”

    1. Lakeisha Hall says:

      I love the pictures.

    2. Nadine Swan says:

      She is so pretty. Nice shots there. I love to be wed this way too. Where did you spend your honeymoon? It’s quite personal so you don’t really need to answer it!

      Thanks for the wedding pictures! Like them a lot!


    3. Lea Dee says:

      Congratulations! Base from the pictures, I think the wedding is great. The bride is blooming and the groom is dashing. You two are a good couple hand in hand.

      Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of your precious moments.

      Lea Dee

    4. Samantha Christiansen says:

      Aw…this couple is sooooo cute. The pictures are beautiful. Wish Robert & Talani a very happy married life ahead.

      Thanks for sharing.


    5. Sarah Jane says:

      I loved those photographs.
      The Rza of the legendary Wu Tang clan got all romantic, thanks to this lovely couple.

      Thanks for sharing these wonderful photographs.


    6. Darren Stevens says:

      Oh my God!
      This couple is so adorable. I love the pictures.
      I wish them a great future ahead.
      Keep loving. Happy Valentine’s Day.


    7. Maria Christina says:

      They are the perfect match. Where was the reception after the wedding? Wish both of you a very happy married life ahead.

      Love the photographs!


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