• Markisha & Maurice ~ Vintage Amour part 1

    Wednesday, December 7th 2011

    Another great shoot by Jen from Jennifer Leigh Photography.  Now, when I tell you I LOVE these pics…I’m not exaggerating.  I’m in like, where can I get myself a pillbox hat type love.  The vintage feel is beautifully executed in both the engagement session as well as the wedding itself.   I especially love that we can share the full scope of this gorgeous couple’s vision by highlighting  these beautiful engagement photos today, and then the wedding pics a little later!

    Here’s what their photographer had to say:

    Markisha contacted me in search for a photographer who would capture her engagement session and wedding day…her style, her way.  She was originally contracted with another photographer who was not seeing eye to eye with her on her vision of having an engagement session and wedding day with vintage flair.  As soon as I received her email about her vintage style, I was so excited and actually jumped for joy – I LOVE the 1920’s-1940’s eras, and I love editing photos with a vintage feel!  It’s not often you find a bride who is looking for that sort of thing; therefore, I don’t get to utilize that side of my creativity often…so this was a match made in heaven between bride and photographer.  A friendship was born!

    Markisha & Maurice’s engagement session was held near an old train station in downtown Jesup, Georgia. Vintage clothing, antique suitcases, an old caboose a few old buildings and some railroad tracks were all we needed to recreate that vintage era.

    It was an honor to photograph the happy couple in a way that they have always envisioned!

    Great job, Jen!  Congratulations to Markisha and Maurice!


    Wedding Teaser:

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    Mrs.Tiye(pronounced TEE) is Regina Townsend; an eternal bride and writer who planned her 2005 wedding, with the help of ChocolateBrides.com, while completing a degree in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago. A librarian by profession, Regina is also the author and Executive Director of TheBrokenBrownEgg.org for African American Infertility and Reproductive health.

    4 Responses to “Markisha & Maurice ~ Vintage Amour part 1”

    1. Rini says:

      How adorable! I love when I see engagement portraits where the couple pushes the creativity envelope. Being a professional photographer myself, I’m sick of the normal “here’s my ring” cliche shots. I can’t wait until the Spring when my fiancé and I will have ours shoot. I chose a local well known Chicago nightlife photographer who also did my 30th birthday bash which we’re gorgeous. I love his cross-process technique and his high contrast color scenes. Hopefully the boo and I will have our portraits featured on Chocolate Brides! ^_^

    2. Sid Thomas says:

      Congrats to the happy couple for making Chocolate Brides. Markisha, since the day I met you; you have always been very creative… So there was no doubt in my mind that when it was time to plan for your engagement/wedding you would go outside of the box because of your creativity! To say the least, the end result were GORGEOUS!!!! I wish you and Maurice nothing but blessing on your beautiful union!

    3. Thanks ladies! We had a blast with the engagement and wedding. I am always thinking out of the box and I am so happy that Jennifer was able to capture my vision. I am blessed to have a husband who embraces my creativity and is willing to step out of the box!!!

    4. Fred says:

      Your post is very great and very stunning photos. I love watching engagement photos and this one is so memorable for both pairs. My best wishes for both of you.

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