• Celebrate Dr. King…Today – Always…

    Sunday, October 16th 2011


    Today, Chocolate Brides remembers and honors Dr. King and his immeasurable sacrifice and contribution to America and the world.

    Coretta Scott King on meeting Martin…

    “…he was looking for a wife. I wasn’t looking for a husband, but he was a wonderful human being…I still resisted his overtures, but after he persisted, I had to pray about it…I had a dream, and in that dream, I was made to feel that I should allow myself to be open and stop fighting the relationship. That’s what I did, and of course the rest is history. “

    Chocolate Brides celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. In honor of the gifts Dr. King gave our country, be sure to find creative yet meaningful ways to help children celebrate his vision of hope and sense of humanity.

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    Kesha Monk - The Head Chocolate Bride In Charge. I love LOVE. When I'm not voicing radio and tv commercials, I'm blogging! I'm a wife, a mother, a child of God, a music enthusiast, a stage 4 cancer survivor and a distinguished member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.

    5 Responses to “Celebrate Dr. King…Today – Always…”

    1. J says:

      Wow, she had the dream first lol :-) That is a lovely quote. And this post proves also that quality photography is so very important. I love that photo.

    2. Felisha says:

      What a wonderful beautiful and gorgeous photo!! Her words tell of the power of a having a dream!!

    3. Mochawifey says:

      And now…as usual…I’m in tears.
      I love their love.

    4. You mean the woman persisted instead of chasing him down? Imagine that… :)

      I agree with J, it’s ironic that she’s the first one to have a dream.

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