• An Adinkra Themed Wedding…. The Invitation

    Monday, August 2nd 2010

    NishaLet’s go back three years…

    So, I’ve just picked the Adinkra theme and we are just slapping each other on the back.  I mean, it’s not a common  theme at all not to mention, it’s a part of culture we can expose our family to!  Well guess what? When it came to shopping for an Adinkra themed invitation, this is what we found.

    Symbols of the Adinkra

    “Symbols of Adinkra”

    Virtually, almost every search produced this particular wedding invitation!  I attempted to go in-store to see if they had a different selection, but they didn’t.   If there was a slight chance a store actually had an Adinkra invitation, it was the “Symbols of Adinkra”.  Do you know that the title to this invitation is permanently etched into my brain.  Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful. However, the colors didn’t match our color scheme for the wedding and it was a tad dull for our personalities.  Of course, three years later I have found that are some more beautiful options for the bride in planning.  Heck maybe they just were hiding from me…

    Wedding Paper Divas Nyame Dua

    Silhouette Media Gold Foil Adinkra

    Silhouette Media Gye Nyame Invitation

    Silhouette Media Odo Nyera

    plain gye

    Aya Invitation

    Sandstone Weddings Invitations

    Kuumba Kollectibles, LLC

    Wedding Paper Divas

    Paper Invitation Cards

    Like I’ve said before, I love this theme for the many different symbols, principals and meanings.  Unfortunately, the selection for this theme is still scarce and very difficult to find in different colors other than the Earth tones, black/white and gold.  If you truly want to use this theme in your wedding and the selection itself is not matching what you’re doing with your wedding… then it’s time for DIY.  When you choose to DIY, you’re able to create your own style not to mention you can use any color you want.  For those of you who are choosing to design your own invitation head on over to the Adinkra site where you can save the images to your computer!



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    Even though I've been married for almost a year and a half, I'm still considered a "Newlywed Bride". It took 30 years to actually begin finding myself and I'm loving every minute of it. Writing for the CB is a way for me to come out of my shell as well as help other Soon-To-Be-Brides on their wedding journey!

    6 Responses to “An Adinkra Themed Wedding…. The Invitation”

    1. Mrs.Tiye says:

      That Aya invite is giving me life right now.

    2. Zimmy says:


      ****bookmarking this****

    3. Lauren says:

      These are beautiful invitations. I’m a bride myself and my hubby and I (I claimed him in my heart already) decided we would like a more Afro-centric wedding, but I noticed there was a lack of expression of true Afro-centric invitations on the market and there was a market for brides looking for them. So I decided as a graphic designer to venture into creating them myself for the DIY couple to just download and print.

      I think these are beautiful and it has inspired me to create more for our people and culture. Thanks so much.

      • Shawna says:

        Hi! Have you had a chance to begin your quest on creating printable Afrocentric wedding invitations for the DIY bride yet? I am in this dilemma right now!

        Thanks so much!

    4. Tonya says:

      Question, I am really considering doing this type of wedding. What did you do for your theme? Did you uses Adinkra items for centerpieces and or decoration? How did the symbols come into play besides the invitation? need help please.

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